How Does our Pricing Work? 

Tunisia performance rates are based on the following: 

1.  The Performance Time

2.  The Location

3.  Setup and Tear Down Time. 

4.  Travel Time and Expenses.

5.  Accommodations Needed.

6.  Downtime between setup and tear down. 

7.  Material added. 

8.  Brain Damage*

Want to Hire Tunisia ?


PO Box 631700 Highlands Ranch CO 80163 us


Why do we need so much information? 

OUr Information 

Booking Tunisia:
Tunisia is an independent act. We handle all bookings from start to finish. We will be your point of contact, handle all contract issues, be directly involved with you and our performance.
 No middle man, no miscommunications, you're in contact with the band directly and you will be able to ask and get answers regarding the band, your show and any other concerns.
That's how we do it!

We ask a lot of questions so we can give you an accurate and fair quote.

Every event is different, and every client has their own set of circumstances that determine the price of their event. 

We are not salesmen, we will not call and pressure you into buying Tunisia. We really want to make your event with us perfect. We actually care! 

Your event should be a memory that will last a lifetime for you and your guest's, and we intend on providing you with just that